Fish Traps For Sale
Captain Charlie  Catfish traps are constructed of Native Louisiana Oak wood for strength and durability , We offer  plastic throat .  
We have the following models available,
    LA. 4' x 10" x 10"  plastic throat $35.00 each.
and 5' x 10" x 10"  plastic throat $35.00 each.
      all other states require special ordering.

Special orders in advance Casheeres check or postal money orders only. NO checks.
Shipping extra and in advance. !!!!!!!! 
In most cases i can ship one trap for $30 or2 traps for around $50. Depending on where you live may be more or less.
You pay shipping  or Pick up in Bush Louisiana 70431
Call if you have questions 985 886 3728

Please call to check on number of traps that are available. Or Place an Order.

All orders to be shipped will be money order or cashier's  check in advance .

For our valued customers. We  have a limited supply of bait Cheese at this time! SOLD OUT
The cost is $30 Per 30 Lbs Bucket. We also have some heaver buckets marked with weight and you pay for the weight. Thats is costly but that is what i have to charge in order to keep it in stock.
Cheese can be PICKED UP ONLY,

We are working on finding a better more affordable cheese supplier ,
Call if you have questions 985 886 3728
Thank you.
Captain Charlies Catfish Slat Traps
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This page was last updated: November 3, 2015
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